Our Curriculum

Our center utilizes the nationally recognized creative curriculum, based on high-quality early childhood educational standards. This curriculum model allows teachers to develop the whole child and individualized learning.

The framework helps meet the children’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language developmental needs.

Learning takes place with activities that integrate appropriate skills, concepts and knowledge in math, literacy, science, social studies, arts and technology.

At Loving Earth, we also enhance the curriculum providing even more learning experiences with gymnastics, dance, Spanish, sign language and music lessons.

The teaching of fundamental values are part of our curriculum using the Character Development Program as well as the interest and the love for our planet Earth, teaching the children about the three R’s (reuse-reduce-recycle).

The Character Development program will help children develop fundamental values, this includes how they interact with others and how conduct themselves. They will learn concepts like friendship, generosity, responsibility, honesty, respect, which are the heart of our culture of Loving Earth. Every month, we use a concept and is taught as a part of our lesson’s plans and at play. We encourage the parents to participate at home modeling for children the importance of social responsibility and giving others.